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Mountain View North Bayshore – more housing would bring less driving

This week Wednesday in a meeting starting at 7pm, Mountain View Environmental Planning Commission will provide feedback on neighborhood options for the North Bayshore area where Google and LinkedIn are headquartered.   A range of choices are being reviewed for a … Continue reading

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Santa Clara to review Silicon Valley’s largest ever mixed use development

On Tuesday October 20 and Monday October 26, the City of Santa Clara will host two community meetings for the environmental review of the largest mixed use project ever in Silicon Valley. On 230 acres of city-owned land just north … Continue reading

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New Palo Alto Downtown Commute survey shows 55 percent drivealone rate

The first employer survey for the Palo Alto Transportation Management Association shows a 55 percent drivealone commute rate, with 45% of commuters travelling to work in some other way.   17% of downtown commuters used Caltrain, and 15% of commuters … Continue reading

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Better buses in the South Bay transit network?

At the Mountain View City Council Candidates Forum on Housing and Transportation last week, Council candidates mentioned Caltrain, shuttles, light rail, walking and bicycling as key parts of their vision for improved transportation for Mountain View. Unfortunately, none of the … Continue reading

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This week: Mountain View Candidates Forum and Land Use/Transportation Decisions

On Tuesday, September 2, at 6:30pm, come hear Mountain View City Council candidates answer questions and share their views at a Candidates Forum on Housing and Transportation. Mountain View faces key decisions in the coming years regarding land use and … Continue reading

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Mountain View Council directs better jobs/housing balance in San Antonio Plan area

Yesterday, July 8, the Mountain View City Council gave direction to improve the jobs/housing balance in the San Antonio Specific Plan area.  The draft plan included office and retail space expected to employ over 4000 workers, while providing 1575 units … Continue reading

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Update: Mountain View Council holds San Antonio decision to consider housing

Faced with a room full of constituents raising concern about housing prices, plans to move due to housing prices, wanting children and grandchildren to be able to stay in the area, the need to add more housing and affordable housing, … Continue reading

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Mountain View reviews key decisions for San Antonio Station Area, Shoreline Corridor

Tonight in Mountain View starting at 5pm, City Council will be giving critical direction for the San Antonio Precise Plan, and feedback the Shoreline Corridor. Shoreline Corridor At 5pm, Council will review  plans for the Shoreline connection to North Bayshore … Continue reading

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San Jose Council approves Diridon Plan, steers Sharks toward reducing driving, revives plan to free the creek

This afternoon San Jose City Council voted to approve the Diridon Station Area Plan and its Environmental Impact Report.   In an important step forward, the Council supported the staff recommendation to move forward with a strategy to reduce driving … Continue reading

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Update – two year lead time for new SJ / Arena parking deal

Here is an update on process by which city of San Jose negotiates a contract with the Arena Authority committing the city to provide parking to the Arena. This contract is up for renewal – but not for another two … Continue reading

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