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New Palo Alto Downtown Commute survey shows 55 percent drivealone rate

The first employer survey for the Palo Alto Transportation Management Association shows a 55 percent drivealone commute rate, with 45% of commuters travelling to work in some other way.   17% of downtown commuters used Caltrain, and 15% of commuters … Continue reading

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Democratizing the Google Bus

Many in San Francisco love to hate the Google buses that bring tech workers between Google’s campus in Mountain View and San Francisco’s neighborhoods. The buses are seen a sign of elitism and gentrification. But Google is taking steps to … Continue reading

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Menlo Park Transportation Commission Questions Facebook EIR Traffic Analysis

The Menlo Park Transportation Commission reviewed the Facebook Campus Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) Wednesday night, focusing on the assumptions related to the distribution of vehicle trips and Facebook’s proposed employee trip cap. Commissioner Charlie Bourne asked why the current distribution of … Continue reading

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