Mountain View City Council considers “trip cap” for North Bayshore area

In reviewing a transportation study for the “North Bayshore area” where Google is headquartered, the Mountain View City Council were leaning toward a policy that would cap vehicle trips at the current level of 22,700 trips per day.

The Council also showed agreement immediately move forward with additional transportation demand management (TDM) measures to encourage employees to commute without driving alone, including a Transportation Management Association allowing smaller companies to share investments in TDM programs.  Another proposal that appealed to the Council was a “cycle track” across 101 on Shoreline, currently a hazardous crossing that discourages employees from biking to work. The Council discussed the proposal to add a bridge across Stevens Creek to NASA,  and agreed to hold a study session on the topic.

Without some major changes, the expected growth for the area will exceed the capacity of the roads; Shoreline Blvd  is currently at 100% capacity, and Charleston  is at 85% capacity.

The City Council did not vote on the measures; decisions will be made later this year as part of the North Bayshore Precise Plan.

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