Mountain View City Council

via Mountain View Coalition for Sustainable Planning

1. Do you believe that climate change represents a serious threat to humankind and is caused almost entirely by human activity?

2. What will you advocate that the City Council do to substantially increase (i.e., by more than 500 units) the amount of affordable housing that has been approved and permitted in the next 4 years?

3. Would you support a doubling of the City’s investment in sustainability staff and programs in the coming fiscal year and maintaining that level for the next 3 years?

4. For non-incumbents: If you had been on the Council, how would you have voted on allowing the consideration of housing in North Bayshore in the General Plan? For incumbents: how did you vote and why did you vote as you did on allowing the consideration of housing in North Bayshore?

5. Given the projected increases in jobs and residents, what policies would you propose, or support, to decrease traffic congestion and provide alternatives to use of cars?

6. Should the City adopt a policy that severely restricts new “drive through” permits, such as for fast food restaurants and car washes?

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