Mountain View North Bayshore Transportation Study ignores most bike commuting, omits public input

When the City of Mountain View approved its General Plan last summer, one important piece of unfinished business was to complete a transportation study for North Bayshore, the area with Google, Microsoft, Intuit, and LinkedIn offices.  There was a lot of optimism that the city would use the great goals in its general plan to support alternative transportation, and come up with an aggressive plan that supported cycling and held down vehicle trips

The staff’s analysis looked at ways to reduce car trips longer than 10 miles (with transit, shuttles, carpool programs, etc). But didn’t analyze trips were 5 miles or shorter.  Guess what that leaves out?  Most bike commuting!  A relatively small number of intrepid cyclists make the 40 mile trek from San Francisco to Google.  Many more people who live close to work bike shorter distances – or they would, if barriers like Shoreline were addressed.

City Staff had private meetings with the corporations whose offices are in North Bayshore. But they didn’t have a single public meeting inviting employees of those companies and other members of the public.   Hopefully Mountain View will open its doors to more public feedback before the study is finalized.

The staff report is here:

The City Council Study Session is tonight, Tuesday at 4:30 pm.  If you see can’t make it, send a note to Mountain View City Council members asking for more public input to the North Bayshore Transportation Study, via


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  1. jimmy says:

    Your link doesn’t work. Did you mean:
    which seems to have looked at bicycles and wants to increase the bike share from 5% to 13%

  2. admin says:

    Jarrett Mullen reports that in response to several public comment at the meetings, City Council asked for more public input and wanted more focus on the <5 mi trips and local connections within Mountain View. Thanks to everyone who turned out!

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