Redwood City plans Complete Streets Study session on February 25

Redwood City staff are planning a Complete Streets study session for February 25, 2013, in response to the Redwood City City Council’s direction in October to come back with improved recommendations relating to the Farm Hill Road Diet proposal.

At the meeting, public comment was 8:1 in favor of the proposal, and about 75 residents had signed a petition in favor. Still, staff had recommended that the proposal be withdrawn, and replaced by other projects, because some residents at earlier meetings expressed concerns about potential traffic congestion, despite the low vehicle volumes, frequent collisions, and high vehicle speed.

Council directed staff to study additional potential improvements. The next step will be a study session on February 25 to study what changes to make in the coming summer resurfacing season. The scope of the Study Session has not yet been set.

While the city remained a holding pattern regarding “upstream” Farm Hill and Jefferson, a girl was killed in a collision with a truck at Jefferson and Alameda de Las Pulgas, downstream of the section of road proposed for the lane diet. While this section of road was outside of the scope of the Farm Hill/Jefferson lane diet, perhaps it should be studied for safety as part of the City’s Complete Streets strategy as well.

If you want to stay informed about next steps in Redwood City regarding Farm Hill and Jefferson, sign this petition.

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