Redwood City plans north-south route improvements, defers Arguello protected bike lanes

Redwood City has plans to streamline its section of the county North-South bike route that uses Arguello and D Street to connect riders between downtown Redwood City and Old County Road in San Carlos.

The improvements include adding bike “loop detectors” which turn the light green for waiting bicyclists at signaled intersections at Arguello and Whipple, Brewster, Marshall, Winslow, and Broadway as well as Middlefield and Chestnut. The plan calls for a “pocket lane” for bikes at Whipple and Brewster protecting cyclists from right-turning vehicles. The plans also include “sharrows” (share the road markings) and route sign markers on Stafford, D Street, Arguello, Winslow, and Middlefield.

You can see the detailed plans below.

Plans for a pilot test of “protected bike lanes” on Arguello have been deferred until after major construction near the train station is completed.    It will be exciting to get them installed, but it doesn’t make sense to have to move them repeatedly while construction affects different sections of the street.

Staff is collecting feedback on these plans, so if you think that sharrows, loop detectors and signs are out of place or missing, let Christian Hammack know by the end of November, at

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3 Responses to Redwood City plans north-south route improvements, defers Arguello protected bike lanes

  1. Steve Schmidt, Former MP mayor says:

    Dear RWC, I use this exact route when going to San Carlos and points north from Menlo Park.
    I support your efforts to make this route more recognizable for cyclists and motorists and I applaud the other recent RWC bike improvements put on the ground after many years of inaction.

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