Santa Clara County Recreational Trail Funds

On August 7, Santa Clara County issued a call for project proposals to spend $10.4 million on recreational trails as alternative mitigation of environmental impact OS-3 identified in the Environmental Impact Report for Stanford University’s 2000 General Use Permit. These funds are to compensate for the loss of access to recreational trails due to the expansion of the university.

Project applications were due on September 6 and will be reviewed by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors on November 20. Fifteen projects were submitted by Stanford University, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Los Altos Hills, and the Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District, totaling $16 million in requested funds. The Board of Supervisors may choose to fully or partially fund individual projects. The project applications are available here.

Stanford Perimeter Trail – Requested Funds: $4.5 million
The Stanford Perimeter Trail includes paved and unpaved paths that comprise a 3.25-mile long route along El Camino Real (Quarry Rd to Stanford Ave), Stanford Ave (El Camino Real to Junipero Serra), and Junipero Serra (Stanford Ave to Page Mill Rd).

Currently the trail consists of 1.75 miles of paved paths ranging in width from 6 ft to 8 ft, and of 1.5 miles of unpaved paths. In the map below, green lines represent paved paths, brown lines represent unpaved paths, and blue lines represent bike lanes. Click on the placemarks to view photos recently taken along the trail.

View Stanford Perimeter Trail in a larger map

To create a continuous series of paved paths along the 3.25-mile route, 1.5 miles of new paved paths would need to be built. The construction cost of a typical new Class I shared-use path provided by Alta Planning + Design in the 2012 Palo Alto Bicycle + Pedestrian Transportation Plan is $642,720 per mile (page 7-3).

A continuous paved Stanford Perimeter Trail should therefore cost approximately 1.5 x 642,720 = $964,080 to construct – only 1/5 of the $4.5 million in funds requested.

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