Willow/101 Interchange Reconstruction

The Willow Road & Highway 101 interchange in Menlo Park and East Palo Alto is a compact full cloverleaf highway interchange, constructed in 1955. To address traffic congestion and safety problems associated with the interchange, Caltrans is planning to reconstruct it with an alternative design.

Several designs were studied in 2005, but funding was not available then to move forward with the project. Caltrans is now conducting an Initial Study/Environmental Assessment (IS/EA), which will qualify the project for construction funding once completed. Caltrans estimates the interchange will be reconstructed by 2020.

Scoping Period Public Meetings
Caltrans hosted three public meetings to provide information and collect public input on the project. These meetings included the October 9, 2012 Menlo Park City Council, an October 17, 2012 community meeting in Belle Haven (Menlo Park), and an October 24, 2012 community meeting at the East Palo Alto City Hall.

Scoping Period Comment Letters
The public scoping period ended on November 7, 2012. Caltrans received comments from 3 organizations and 13 individuals. These comment letters will be uploaded soon.

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